Quadros, Showtime and ProElite

Stephen Quadros

Stephen Quadros

This is my first entry into the infinity know as blogging. I’m excited about sharing my thoughts on a variety of subjects. Because I have worked in the mixed martial arts field for quite some time as a trainer, magazine editor, fight choreographer and television commentator, there will most likely be a large portion here that deals with that area.

I have received many inquiries about ProElite, which was the parent company of the MMA brand EliteXC, going out of business recently. I commentated on EliteXC (and their smaller brand ShoXC) events since July 2007. But to the shock of many I never worked ‘for’ ProElite, EliteXC, etc. I work for Showtime Networks, who in turn televised the EliteXC and ShoXC events. Its the equivalent of the TV broadcast of last year’s Super Bowl: the New York Giants or the New England Patriots did not employ the commentators, Fox network did.

This is a relatively new reality for fans who follow the mixed martial arts fight game. But in most sports its commonplace; the network hires the broadcasters who call the action for the revolving door of teams and athletes. But up until recently the mixed martial arts fight business has not done it this “new” way, while the rest of the sports world has.

Prior to working for Showtime as a fight analyst and interviewer, I spent the last decade working directly for various fighting events and had fun doing so. But I must say that working for the network, Showtime in this case, is a pleasant turn indeed.

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greetings Stephen! interesting to hear about how that worked. i’m a new fan of MMA, well, i’ve always enjoyed the occasional UFC when i was able to watch it here & there over the years, but only recently have i been becoming a more knowledgeable fan. my roommate has copies of nearly all the old Pride FC PPVs and i’ve been watching them all and quite frankly it’s thanks to that that i’ve really learned to appreciate what goes on in a fight. i have you to thank for the most part with your commentaries along with Bas Rutten as i’ve watched the fights. i’m no longer the guy who gets bored when two guys go to the ground in a fight waiting for a big knockout punch. so thank you for that. i look forward to reading your opinions in this blog in the future.

Hi “nameless_savage,”

Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate it.


Hey Stephen

Big fan since the early days of Pride, it was never the same after your departure. Look forward to hearing you back on TV at some point, hopefully next time in the main PBP role instead of a sidekick!

Thanks “sqwirral.” I will return to play by play at some point, maybe sooner than later. Like my pal Al Bernstein, I am a double threat in that I can do both (PBP & color/analyst).

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